Like most busy pet parents, we often wish that we have more time to bake goodies for our furry babies instead of relying on treats that are labeled as healthy, yet contain tongue-twisting ingredients that aren’t easily identifiable.

Opening Frosted Desserts has enabled us to put this wish into reality. Along with testing recipes for humans, we’ve also tested recipes for pets (using separate tools designated for the purpose). When our fur babies began hanging out by the oven while treats were baking, we asked ourselves a question. Why shouldn’t delicious, healthy, inexpensive, and home-baked goodies be available to all pets? We couldn’t find an answer to this, so we’ve decided to create Barkin’ Bakes. After all, humans shouldn’t get all the fun. ^_~

Our Commitment to Pets and Pet Parents in the Philippines

Our pets love us so unconditionally, and we often wish that we can return the love in more ways than belly rubs and occasional jogging dates (even if we also know that they are completely happy with just being hugged). We’re sure most of you will agree that the perfect way to reciprocate this love is by making sure they are healthy, so they can enjoy their daily tail-chasing, fur-licking routines. We are completely with you on this by committing ourselves to providing you and your pets with yummy and healthy treats and feasts without being unreasonably priced.